Timeline of Forensic Psychology – Treatment or Punishment?

Timeline of Forensic Psychology

A Timeline of Forensic Psychiatry in Britain – Treatment or Punishment? Introduction Andrew Forrester, one of our committee has characterised forensic psychiatry as “a subject so easy to marginalise and to dismiss.” Many members of the public are not sure what specialty is about, something it’s something to do with pathology and dead bodies because […]


Margaret Nicholson attacked King George III with a knife. He saw the need for her care and treatment ‘I am not hurt – take care of the woman – she is mad – do not hurt her.’ She was sent to the Bethlem Hospital and not imprisoned.


Charles Lamb called a doctor for his sister Mary Lamb. She had recovered from an episode of illness, but was relapsing. The following day, she chased her assistant with a knife and killed her mother who had tried to intervene. She was imediately taken to a private hospital and, under order of the coroner and […]


William Tuke founded the York Retreat, in part response to the death of a woman in the appalling conditions in Bootham Park Hospital, York. The Retreat provided comfortable surroundings, rejected the use of chains or manacles, otherwise commonplace for ‘lunatics’ of the time and encouragedo c c u p a t i o n a […]

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